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Posted on: July 11, 2009 10:21 am

Dr. Dirty Dikrod, Snakeoil Saleman

Let's examine this exemplar, this role model.

    He "somehow" managed to get an offer from Alabama, but turned it down saying how much he loves West Virginia and wants to continue coaching there until he retires. He got a fat pay raise.
    11 months later, 3 days after receiving the call, he signed with Michigan. So much for love. This was on the heels of that massive pay increase. Makes you wonder if that is what the Alabama gig was all about.
    Wonder? Nope. He was constantly looking for a bigger, better deal and when those offers came in, he leveraged them to get more money and other concessions from WVU. Don't take my word for it. Do your own research. The legitimate news articles are out there.
    Then there is the comment, "Who wouldn't want to coach for Michigan?" Maybe that is a true statement, maybe not, but it certainly does not show good sense or good taste coming from someone who profess undying love for his then current position.
    Next, the buyout clause. Oh, my. He signed a contract with the understanding that the clause was not going to be enforced but did not have the words struck? Let's see. Contract negotiations on that lasted from January to July. He had the time. Decide for yourself.
    The amusing part is Michigan paid $2.5M of the $4.0M buyout, plus taxes. That is quite a signing bonus Dirty Dikrod got. Do the math. The cost to UM was $3,803,393.85 when the taxes are added in. I used the 2007 tax rates. The 2008 tax rates are a bit higher.
    Recent reports allege Dr. Dirty Dikrod, right after signing with Michigan, used West Virginia cell phones to contact recruits for Michigan. The Big Ten and the NCAA started an investigation of this obvious rules violation. This abuse of position is part of the ligation transcripts (ref. WVU vs. Rodriguez). Don't take my word for it. Do your own research. The legitimate news articles are out there.
    Let us not forget his imfamous chastising of the UM students who needed "to get a life" because they expressed their displeasure in the record setting season last year.

And the best for last...

In a recent article, the second letter of resignation written by Dr. Dirty Dikrod was discussed. Would you like to know what was listed at the top of the list of reasons why Dirty Dikrod left WVU?

    Was it because WVU failed to follow through and give the assistant coaches an annual pay raise?
    Was it because WVU failed to upgrade the locker rooms?
    Was it because of any of the things Dirty Dikrod alleged that WVU promised but did not follow through on?

The number one reason Dirty Dikrod left West Virginia University as listed in his letter of resgnation is the university refused to allow him to violate NCAA regulations.


    He stated, first on the list, that he left WVU because the university would not allow him to let his players keep and sell their scholarship issued textbooks.
    And... Dr. Dirty Dikrod, as reported, demanded that the students be allowed to keep the books. He did not ask. Good thing for WVU that the school officials refused to cave into his demands.

He should have taken the Alabama job. He would have fit right in.

    There is no excuse, no rationalization that gets Dr. Dirty Dikrod off the hook. Every coach, especially head coaches had better know the rules, all of them. It is part of the job. If Dr. Dirty Dikrod was unaware of the rules, well that just does not say much in his favor.
    For those of you who like casual reading, go to NCAA Constitution, Operating Bylaws, Administrative Bylaws
    And if you like, you can also read the transcripts from the WVU litigation. Do a Google search. Wonderful reading. Quite interesting.
    I can only wonder how long it will be before that school down the road is under NCAA sanctions, loss of scholarship, banned from bowls, etc.

Dr. Dirty Dikrod is the consummate Skunkbear.

The title of this blog is Dr. Dirty Dikrod, Snakeoil Saleman.


Snake oil. Look it up.

You Skunkbears think this is a compliment. You poor, ignorant fools.

"Snake oil" is an insult.

    In the 1870s through 1890s, there were self-proclaimed Doctors who went around what was then the west, selling their Elixors, which were primarily based on snake oil, along with whatever other ingrediants they could scrounge. These bottles of Elixor would be sold as cures for colds, age, infertility, llack of verility, youth enhancers, and whatever else the travelling snake oil salesmen could fabricate.
    Ultimately, these snake oil salesmen would be found out by the townfolk and farmers, usually because someone got sick or died from those patent medicines, and the snake oil salesment would be stripped, tarred and feathered, and ridden out of town on a rail. Note, the rail was usually a split rail with lots of nasty splinters.
    In present times, someone who applies "his particular brand of snake oil" is being accused of nefarious behavior, specifically lying through his teeth.

So, it is with the greatest amusement that I read skunkbear posts that brag about Dr. Dirty Dikrod's "snake oil."

Dr. Dirty Dikrod is the consummate snakeoil salesman. The fans have bought into this completely. The poor, pathetic fools.

You now own a stain that is bigger and yellower than the stripes on your mascot.

Enjoy your humiliation, skunkbears.


    Why do I use "Dikrod?" It is an obvious play on RRod. Dick is one diminutive of Richard. I spell it Dik, leaving out the "C" because I see no championship in that name.

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