Posted on: May 13, 2011 4:42 pm

2011 B1G Ten Preview

Again this year, we will be running the "You Make The Call" contest.
YMTC is a simple contest. Contestants predict scores for the games in the Big Ten. Whoever does best is declared the winner for the week and we all grovel because the winner is just so good at this! Points for correct calls (W/L) and point scored and margin of victory with bonus points for calling shut-outs and overtime games. ND games are included as tie-breakers (only when ND is not playing a B1G opponent). This year the B1G Championship game is added to the mix. Also, as before, the Army-Navy game will entertain us until the bowl bids come out. All in all, the contest lasts through all 20 weeks of college football.
There are 2 rules.
1. No smack, trash talk, disparaging remarks made about teams, schools, or fans/contestants. Violators will be banned from the contest and all records of their participation deleted from the game records.
2. Ballots will CLEARLY name the winning team.
Acceptable: Nevada-Las Vegas 13 at Wisconsin 21
Acceptable: Wisconsin 21-13
Acceptable: Nevada-Las Vegas at Wisconsin 13-21
Unacceptable: Nevada-Las Vegas at Wisconsin 21-13 (This will be understood as UNLV winning by 8.)
As game moderator (and founder/inventor/executer), MSUSpartan76 is the final word on all game related decisions, including interpretation of ballots.
The motto of this contest is "All for fun and fun for all." We intend to keep it that way.
So, with that said, the following is a synapsis of the upcoming B1G season. Vitals (sans individual players) are given and pre-seaons predictions for every game are made. The author reserves the right to change these predictions week by week during the YMTC contest since things do evolve, teams gel, players get hurt, etc., during the course of a season.

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